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Where do I find Candidate?

You can find our iOS and Android Apps in the Apple and Google Play-Store, you can access both via our website:
Apple App-Store Google Play-Store Huawei App Gallery

We are also on Facebook and Instagram. We’re excited for every Like or Follower we receive and will keep you updated with everything going on with and around Candidate over these channels. There are always new stories on our Lifestyle-Blog under blog.getcandidate.com for you.

How can I register?

After downloading Candidate successfully, you can choose between registering with your Facebook Account, your E-Mail address or via your phone number.

How can I log in?

As soon as your account is verified, you can log in with the user data you're registered with.

Do I have to verify?

Yes. We're doing our best to keep fake profiles away and give our users more security in the app.

How can I change my password?

You can always change your password in the settings by providing the existing password and change it to a new one.

What happens, if I forget my password?

Through the "Forgot Password" Button in the Login you can reset the password. You're getting a 6-figure code via email. Provide this code in the box and below your new password.

What happens, if I delete Candidate?

If you delete Candidate you are only deleting the app. Your account remains.

Am I able to share Candidate with my friends?

Sure! We're happy about every shared post. In the settings you can find a button called "Share Candidate". You can choose which channel you would like to share with your friends.

What are Candidates?

Candidates are all players, with whom you're able to play based on your filter settings.

How can I get in contact with other users?

You can find all your matched contacts in the Chat section. You can message your matched contacts from there.

How can I see the profile of another Candidate?

In Challenge you see profiles after a successful match. A successful match is if you win a game or you choose a winner at one of your own games. In Discover you can see the profile picture and profile with a click on the card right away. In Chat you can find all of your matched contacts. Within a chat you can click on the picture and name, on the top you can reach the complete profile.

How does the game work?

Candidate is the anonymous Question-Answer-Game. Creators start a game, players answer the questions. Through the rating-system the creator chooses which player should win the match.

What do I see of Candidates?

You can see name, age, distance, the profile picture, About Me text and the question section.

When do I see the profile of other users?

You are able to see the profile right away.

How can I get in contact with other Candidates?

The other person decides if he/she wants to get to know you based on your profile and your answer to their question. In Chat you can find the answers to your question under Your Requests and you decide if you want to match the person.

Who can see my profile?

In Discover every Candidate is able to see your profile.

How do I change my question?

In Discover you find an edit button in the top right corner.

How can I start the conversation?

You need to click on the green button, answer the question and your counterpart likes your answer. If so, a new contact appears in Chat and your Question/Answer game is shown.

Why is there a limit in Discover?

Through the limit we count on a higher value for each Candidate and more conversations. The actions are reloaded automatically.

How can I delete chats?

You can delete a person directly in their profile with a click on the three dots.

Why did a chat disappear?

If that happens, the connection or the profile was deleted. We're crossing our fingers for the next match!

How can I delete contacts?

In Chat you can reach the profiles of your matches. Within the profile of the person you can delete the contact with a click on the three dots in the top right corner.

How can I report contacts?

You can do so within their profile and within the chat with a click on the three dots.

When should I report contacts?

If someone acts inappropriately please report them. You can choose the reason why you're reporting the person.

What is “Your Requests”?

Here you can see the answers to your question in Discover if someone wants to get to know you. You can decide if you want to match the person right away.

How can I play games?

With a click on the card in Challenge the game opens automatically. Answer the questions to join the game.

Which games can I join?

You can play every game which is shown in Challenge.

When starts the ranking?

If the minimum number of players is reached, the creator can start the ranking.

How does the ranking work?

It is based on a placement. 1st place for the favourite answer and so on. The best two players join the finals.

Who joins the finals?

The two best ranked players from the first round reach the finals.

What happens in the finals?

The creator asks up to two additional questions for the top two players. All answers will be shown to the creator and he/she decides directly which one should be the match.

What do I see of the Candidates?

You can see name, age, distance and the About Me text on the game card as well as the game title.

When do I see profiles of other Candidates?

If you win a game or choose a winner in one of your own games.

How can I get in contact with other Candidates?

If you get matched through a game, a new contact appears in Chat.

Which games do I see?

You can see all games which you are part of. The ones you created and the ones you're playing.

How can I create my own game?

In Challenge and Games, with a click on the + Button. You can choose the number of questions, phrase them and choose a game title.

What do the colours in Games mean?

It shows you the status of the game. Green: You are fully up to date, other people need to make the next step. Orange: You can choose if you want to go on with the game or wait for more people. Red: It's your turn to do something. Other people need to wait for you to finish with your task. Grey: Your own games.

How can I delete games?

You can delete games with a swipe to the left.

How do I reach my profile?

You reach your profile through a click on the Me Button.

Why do I need the symbols in my profile?

With the symbols you can tell something about your interests. The definition is very openly on purpose so everyone can interpret it for themselves and ask other users about it.

How can I edit my profile?

With a click on the Me Button you reach your profile. The pen symbol gets you to editing it.

Where is my “About Me” text shown?

The text is shown in your profile and on every game you created as well as your card in Discover.

Why can I choose languages in my profile?

You can choose the languages you're able to speak and it filters the games based on your selection.

How can I delete my picture?

If you only have one picture, upload another one and you will be able to delete the first.

What are Candicoins?

There are additional features within the app which you can activate. They change the usage of the app but they don’t limit them. With Candicoins you can purchase the additional features.

How can I purchase Candicoins?

If you want to acquire Candicoins, you can do so in the settings of your profile by clicking the desired amount of coins.

How much do Candicoins cost? Which packages are available?

There are different packages which you can choose depending on your preference. In your settings of your profile you can find the overview.

Which features can I activate with that?

The following actions you can acquire additionally:

  • In Challenge you can see the photos of the finalists
  • In Discover you can see all the photos of the other users, as opposed to “just the profile picture”

How can I reach the support?

You can reach our support through our website, via email to support@getcandidate.com or our contacts “Susi” and “Johnny” within the app will be happy to help you! You can find them in your chat contacts.

When should I contact your support?

We are happy to help with any problems or issues you might have with Candidate.

How can I communicate my feedback?

There are a variety of ways to submit feedback. Please do so via the website, an email to feedback@getcandidate.com or via the “Susi” or “Johnny” in your chat contacts.

You still don't know?

Thank you!

Or email us at any time: support@getcandidate.com