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Where can I download Candidate?

You can download our App for iOS in the App Store and our Android App at the Google Play Store. On our home page, you will find a link that brings you straight to Candidate in the App Stores.
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What happens if I deinstall Candidate?

When you deinstall Candidate, your account, all your contacts, and messages will be permanently deleted unless you’ve previously verified your account.

How can I register?

After you’ve successfully downloaded and installed Candidate, you can click on register on the first screens. Then answer 5 questions, and you’re ready to go.

Why do I have to answer 5 questions when I register?

These questions comprise your master data which enables us to suggest games that are of interest to you.

Will I have to provide my email address when registering?

No, it’s not necessary to provide an email address when registering. However, it is necessary to provide an email address for verifying your account. You’re not obligated to verify your account but we recommend it since it will enable you to access your account from all iOS and Android devices.

How do I log-in?

As soon as you’ve verified your account, you can log-in to your account from all iOS and Android devices using your email address and password.

Do I have to verify my account?

No, you don’t have to but we recommend it. Once you’ve verified your account, you can log-in to your account from all iOS and Android devices.

How can I verify my account?

Under „Settings“ you have to select the option „Verify Account“. Now enter your email address and you will immediately receive an email with a verification link. You should open the link with the device you’re using for Candidate. Alternatively, you can use a six digit code that you also receive via email. At the end of the verification process, you will have to create your password.

How will a successful verification be displayed?

In the profile of verified users a verification banner is displayed on the right hand side. The banner is also displayed in the Candidates menu option during games.

What happens when I delete my account that has not been verified?

Your account, all your contacts, and messages are then permanently deleted. That’s why we recommend that you verify your account.

How can I change my password?

Under the menu option „Change Password," you can change your password at any time. You have to enter your current password into the first and the new password in the second and third field.

What happens when I’ve forgotten my password?

When logging-in, you can reset your password by clicking on „Forgot your Password?“ which will direct you to the „Reset Password“ page. A six digit code will be emailed to your email address on file. Enter the code into the corresponding field, enter and confirm your new password in the next two fields.

What are the game rules?

At first a game is created by compiling a list of questions.
Other users participate in the game by answering these questions.
The answers are then evaluated.
At last, a winner will be declared in a final.

What are Candidates?

Candidates are the games that you can play because of your search criteria. These search parameters are based mainly on the fields „You are“ („I am“) and „You are looking for?“(„I am looking for“).

How does the game work?

Candidate is the anonymous question-and-answer game. Game creators create questions that other participants must answer. By means of the Candidates evaluation modus, the game creator decides whom he or she would like to meet.

What kind of information is displayed in Candidates?

In the menu option Candidates, you can see a Candidate’s name, age, place of residence, the about-me text of the game creator and the individual title for that game.

How can I participate in a game?

You can participate in a game by clicking on a card that is displayed in the Candidates menu option. You have to answer the first three questions to be locked in as a participant of that game.

In which games can I participate?

You can participate in all games that are displayed in the Candidates menu option.

How can I create a game?

In the menu options Candidates and Games, there is a plus-button on the right hand side of the top bar. By clicking on this symbol, you can create a new game. When creating a new game, first of all, you have to create a defining title and the first three questions. If you haven’t yet composed an about-me text in your profile, you will be prompted to do so when creating a game, since it makes you more appealing to other potential participants.

How are the questions rated?

The evaluation is based on sequencing. First you rank the answers from first to last place with the best answer being in first place. Based on this ranking, the top two participants will advance to the final.

When do the answers get evaluated?

The game creator can evaluate the answers as soon as the first three questions have been answered by at least three participants.

Who will advance to the final?

After the first evaluation, the top two participants will advance to the final where they’ll have to answer another two final questions.

What happens during the final?

The game creator will create another two questions for the two finalists. The compiled answers are presented to the game creator who will directly choose the winner, his Candidate.

When will I see the other users’ profiles?

You can see the other users’ profile only after you’ve established contact with them. This happens as soon as you’ve won someone’s game, or once you’ve declared a participant to be the winner of your game.

Why anonymity?

Candidate offers you the opportunity to meet other people in a playful and different manner. Instead of superficially judging a person by its profile picture, we would like to encourage you to evaluate the participants and their answers without fear of favoritism. The other participants as well will base their judgement solely on your answers. This is how our game works and this is why the contacts are initiated anonymously.

Which games are displayed?

All the games that you participate in are displayed here. Which means all the games that you’ve created as well as the ones that you participate in.

What is the significance of the games’ color-coding?

The color-coding refers to the status of the game.
Green: You’ve completed all possible actions and now it’s the other party’s turn; game creator or participant.
Orange: You have the option to take action but you can also wait for other participants to make their move, for example, wait until others join the game.
Red: You have to take action. The other players have to wait until you’ve taken action.
Grey: You’ve created a game and now you have to wait for others to participate and answer the questions.

How can I get into contact with other players?

You can contact all users that have either won one of your games or who’s game you’ve won. You can contact each other, see each other’s profiles and chat in the chatroom.

How can I contact other players?

Under the menu option Chat, you will find your contact list. You can get in touch through the chatroom.

What is displayed in the other participant’s profile?

The menu option Chat lists all your contacts. When you click on a contact, it opens the chat record. By clicking on the picture or the name on the top bar, you can access the player’s profile.

How can I make a report?

You can access a player’s profile under the menu option Chat. You can report a user by clicking the right button on his/her profile’s top bar which opens up a context menu.

When do I need to make a report?

Report users as soon as you notice any inappropriate behavior. You can directly report verbal abuse, inappropriate contents, spam, or give a reason using your own words under the option Other.

How can I delete a contact?

You can access a player’s profile under the menu option Chat. You can delete a contact by clicking the right button on his/her profile’s top bar which opens up a context menu.

How can I edit my profile?

In your profile there is an edit button (pencil-symbol) on the top right of the menu bar.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile can only be accessed by your contacts. By successfully completing a game, participants turn into contacts. This means with every game won, or created and completed, you win another contact.

Where’s my „About Me“ text displayed?

Your „About Me“ text is displayed in your profile and in your created games.

Why can I select languages in my profile?

In your profile, you can indicate which languages you speak. In the Candidates menu option, the games will be sorted according to the languages you indicated.

What are the icons in my profile used for?

The icons in your profile offer you the opportunity to illustrate your interests. It is intended to leave room for interpretation. If you cannot interpret the icon used in a profile, you’ll have to ask your contact to find out why it was chosen.

How can I give feedback?

Under the menu option Feedback, you’ll find all options listed to give us your feedback. You can also send an email directly to feedback@getcandidate.com at any given time.

In addition, Susi and Johnny of our support team will be glad to receive your feedback at any time. You can contact them directly in the chatroom.

When do I need to give feedback?

Anytime would be best. We are looking forward to all your input.

How can I contact your support team?

Under the menu option Support you’ll find all your options on how to contact our support team. You can also send an email directly to support@getcandidate.comat any given time.

Furthermore, Susi and Johnny of our support team will be glad to hear from you and assist you with any questions as fast as possible. You can contact them directly in the chatroom.

When should I contact the support team?

When you have any kinds of questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’ll gladly assist you.

Can I share Candidate with my friends?

Certainly and we’re happy about all shared posts regarding Candidate. Under menu option „Share with Friends," you can choose your preferred platform for sharing Candidate with your friends.

Where do I find Candidate?

You can find our App for iOS in the App Store and our Android App at the Google Play Store.
Naturally, we can also be found in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We appreciate all likes and followers and will keep you up to date with all things concerning Candidate.
Apart from that, we have a lifestyle blog at www.getcandidate.com/blog where new articles will be posted regularly.

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